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Getting Started

Initialize the SDK with the init function on startup:

import { init } from "@orcaprotocol/orca-sdk";

// Any ethers provider works.
// 1 for mainnet, 5 for goerli.
// Make sure that the provider is instantiated before the SDK
init({ provider: ethers.getDefaultProvider(), network: 1 });

Once you init the SDK, you can call getPod(), getUserPods(), or getAdminPods() anywhere to fetch Pod objects.

import { getPod, getUserPods, getAdminPods } from "@orcaprotocol/orca-sdk";

const podFromEnsName = await getPod("mypod.pod.xyz");
// ENS names also work for the below.
const podFromAddress = await getPod("0x123...456");
const podFromId = await getPod(1);

// Returns null
const notAPod = await getPod("not a pod");

// Fetches all Pods that a user is a member of
const userPods = await getUserPods(userAddress);

// Fetches all Pods that a user is an admin of
const adminPods = await getAdminPods(adminAddress);


Types can be imported as such:

import { Pod, Proposal } from "@orcaprotocol/orca-sdk";

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation can be found here

Test Scripts

There are have some test scripts to test approve/reject proposals and super proposals. They can be executed by duplicating the env-examples.json with private keys in env.json, and executing the transactions with npx ts-node ./scripts/reject-superproposal.ts.

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